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Nick Griffin

Wolverine's Allies/Enemies


Cannonball's mutant powers were first revealed when he was trapped working in a coal mine. The massive amounts of stress he underwent triggered his propulsion power, blasting a way out of the mine. Cannonball was discovered and made a member of the evil Hellfire Club, which was doing battle with Professor Charles Xavier's New Mutants. When Cannonball refused to kill the New Mutants, he was attacked by the Hellfire Club. Xavier saved Cannonball, and allowed him to join the New Mutants (later renamed X-Force by Cable).

The orphaned Jubilee got along in life living at the local mall, pickpocketing shoppers and entertaining children using her power to create "fireworks." Mall security eventually contacted the mutant hunters known as M Squad to capture Jubilee. Luckily, four members of the X-Men were shopping at the mall at the time: Dazzler, Psylocke, Rogue, and Storm. Jubilee followed the X-Men through a portal to Australia, the base of operations for the X-Men at the time. When the X-Men were attacked by the cyborg Reavers, most fled from Austrailia. Wolverine was captured, but with the help of Jubilee managed to escape. Jubilee continued to follow Wolverine throughout Asia, until he was reunited with the X-Men. Jubilee was made a full member of the team. She was recently reassigned to the Generation X team.

Nightcrawler was born orphaned (mother missing, father dead of a heart attack), and unofficially adopted by a circus. When he grew up, he became one of the circus's main attractions. Audiences assumed he was a normal looking human that wore a demon costume. After his circus was purchased by a rich Texan, Nightcrawler fled to Germany. A small village there thought him to be a demon responsible for recent baby killings. Nightcrawler was trapped by the villagers, but saved by Professor Charles Xavier, who offered to let him join the X-Men. Nightcrawler was a member of the X-Men for many years before leaving to help found the British team of mutants called Excalibur.

Professor X, whose telepathic abilities emerged when he was young, is the most powerful mutant in the world. While studying at Oxford University, Xavier fell in love with Moira MacTaggert. Their plans to get married were scrapped when Xavier was drafted and sent to Asia. While in Asia, Xavier witnessed his half-brother Cain Marko finding a mystical ruby in the Temple of Cyttorak. The crystal turned Marko into the indestructable force known as Juggernaut. Following his tour of duty, Xavier travelled abroad. In Egypt, he encountered and battled an evil mutant for the first time. This mutant, Amahl Farouk, led Xavier to swear his life to protecting mutants from oppression, and also protecting humans from evil mutants. Soon after, living in Israel, Xavier met and became best friends with Erik Lehnsherr, now known as Magneto. During a battle with an alien called Lucifer, the alien dropped a boulder on Xavier's legs, crippling him. When he returned to the United States, Xavier founded a school for young mutants. At Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Professor X taught the young mutants typical school subjects, but also instructed them on how to control their powers. Eventually, Xavier's students formed a group called the X-Men to fight off evil mutants and protect humanity.


Dr. Bruce Banner, a brilliant scientist in the field of nuclear physics, began working for the United States Defense Department at the research facility in Desert Base, New Mexico. While there, Banner designed and created a gamma bomb, a nuclear bomb that releases high amounts of gamma radiation. During the testing of the gamma bomb, a teenager broke the security barrier and wandered onto the test site. Banner ordered his "friend" Igor Starsky to abort the test until he could move the teen to safety. Banner did not know that Starsky was a Russian secret agent, who wanted Banner killed by the blast. When the bomb exploded, Banner was exposed to immense levels of radiation. Because of a genetic defect, instead of being killed, he was transformed into a superhuman green giant called The Hulk. Now Banner transforms into the Hulk whenever he is made angry (you wouldn't like him when he's angry).

Cain Marko's parents separated when he was young, and he was subsequently sent to boarding school. His father married the widowed Sharon Xavier, and as a result, became stepbrothers with Charles Xavier. Cain, who had become bitter as he grew older, took his aggressions out on Charles. After Cain's father died in an accidental fire Cain himself had started, he aligned himself with a mutant mercenary named Black Tom Cassidy. Some time later, Cain and Charles were assigned to the same military unit in Asia. Cain fled after encountering enemy fire, and Charles chased after him to bring him back. Cain stumbled upon the Temple of Cyttorak, and inside a powerful ruby. Grabbing the ruby and reading its inscription, Cain Marko was transformed into the Juggernaut. In his new unstoppable form, Marko vowed to destroy Charles Xavier and his X-Men at any cost.

"Whoever touches this gem shall possess the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Henceforth, you who read these words shall become forevermore a human juggernaut." --Ruby of Cyttorak

As a child, Erik Lehnsherr was imprisoned with his family in the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz. He was the only member of his family to survive. This is where he learned how terrible humans can treat people they perceive to be different. Later in his life, while working at a mental hospital in Israel, Lehnsherr met and became best friends with Charles Xavier. The two were eventually driven apart by their views on mutants and their role in the world; Xavier wanted mutants to coexist harmoniously with humans, Lehnsherr believed mutants should take their role as the more advanced species. Lehnsherr emerged sometime later as Magneto, with a plan to destroy the human race to prevent mutant oppression. Magneto constantly battled with Xavier's X-Men, as well as other groups of mutants. After his mind was manipulated by a powerful mutant, Magneto abandoned his plans of global domination and became allies with the X-Men. At one point, Magneto actually taught young mutants in Xavier's absence. After some time, Magneto's hatred for humanity returned, and he once again became the X-Men's arch-nemesis. During his last battle with the X-Men, Magneto used his powers of magnetism to remove the adamantium from Wolverine's body. Xavier was so angry, he used his psychic ability to "shut down" Magneto's mind. Though the X-Men believed Magneto to be dead, he recently re-emerged, as powerful as ever.

Little is known about Victor Creed's background, except that he was confined by his father in their dark basement. In the 1960s, Creed worked as a special agent for the CIA, where he was first given the name Sabretooth. In the CIA, Sabretooth worked closely with two other mutants: David North (codename Maverick) and Wolverine. Like Wolverine, Sabretooth was a member of the Weapon X program, during which time a healing ability like Wolverine's was introduced into his DNA. During a mission in Berlin in the '60s, Sabretooth and Wolverine had a falling out. What occurred between them is unknown, but since that time they have been arch-enemies. Sometime later, Sabretooth began disguising himself and knifing people to death in New York City. When he attempted to kidnap Black Cat, Sabretooth was confronted and defeated by Spider-Man. Sabretooth soon joined a group called the Marauders, led by Mr. Sinister. When the Marauders attempted to killed underground mutants known as Morlocks, the X-Men stepped in. Sabretooth encountered Wolverine, and the two took part in many horrific battles. The X-Men later captured Sabretooth, and kept him in Xavier's mansion. When Wolverine found out about Sabretooth's presence, the two battled. The fight resulted in Wolverine popping one of his claws through Sabretooth's head, damaging his brain. As a result, Sabretooth was calm and friendly for a time, but eventually recovered his old personality.